ESL Video Quiz: Will You Be in New York City?

Quiz by: Diane Stonebrink
Quiz #: 135
(ESL Category: grammar) A young woman sings a song with a question. Notice the use of the modal auxiliary "will" to express the future.

Will you be in New York City?
Oh, will you be in New York City on 7-7-7?
'cause I will be there too.
We will meet under the huge arch in Washington Square Park
where you will see many youtubers on 7-7-07.
11AM is when we'll start to meet.
11AM until 8PM we will dance a little happy slip dance.
You can enjoy the greatest city while meeting us,
and it will be so much fun.
I guarantee you that.
Make your plans.
It's one month away,
but time flies fast.
Before you know it,
I will be there waiting just to see you.

Christine is a Filipino-American woman who has created a series of amusing videos that she posts on her website, . The videos are also on and other places.

She wrote and sang this song in June 2007 to advertise a meeting in New York City for people who like the youtube website. The meeting was held a month later, in July 2007. This is why she uses the modal auxiliary verb will to sing about the future.

She shortens the word "because" to "'cause" in her song. This is a common casual pronunciation of the word, but don't write it like that in an English composition! It's only for casual speech.

"youtubers" is her slang for people who put or watch videos on youtube.

"happyslip dance" comes from the name of her website. There is a funny story behind this name. Go to to read the history of this name.

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