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Quiz by: Sharon Michiko Yoneda
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(ESL Category: listening) Summer sizzlers include the greatest bike race in the world---The Tour de France

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The Tour de France

The Tour de France is an annual multiple stage bicycle race which is held in France and sometimes passes through nearby countries. The race was first organized by Henri Desgrange in 1903 to increase paper sales for his newspaper, L'Auto. With its current points system, the Tour de France is 100 years old as of this writing.

As the Tour gained prominence and popularity in pro cycling, the race was lengthened and its reach began to extend around the globe. Riders came who come from a primarily French field were soon outnumbered as the best riders from all over the world began to participate in the race each year. The Tour de France is truly a global race.

The leader of a stage wears the yellow jersey for a day; the overall leader wins the yellow jersey for the most points at the end of the 21-day race.

In American English the yellow jersey is sometimes referred to as the "mellow johnny," a mispronunciation of its French name originally by disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong, who wore it many times while winning the 1999-2005 Tours.

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