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(ESL Category: listening) Meet Lala, the pet penguin which was caught in a fisherman's net and brought home. Now he is used to living with humans and refuses to leave.
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The Pet Penguin

There are many unusual stories about animals around the world, and this story is amazing. One day, a Japanese fisherman named Nishimoto caught a penguin in his fishing net. The bird was injured, so he brought it home to nurse it back to health. When the bird was okay, he refused to leave because he liked living with the Nishimoto family. The family called him "Lala". Even though the climate of the city was hot and humid, Lala adapted to his new environment. Lala grew up in Antarctica where the weather is very cold.

True to his instinct as a penguin, Lala likes to travel. Every day Mrs. Nishimoto puts a backpack on him and lets him free. When Lala leaves the house, he goes to the fish store in the city. Whenever the owner sees Lala coming, she gives him his favourite foods, sardines and mackerel. Then, she packs a fish for Lala to take home to his family.

While Lala is walking home, he takes a shower. The neighbourhood takes care of Lala. When they see him coming, they take a garden hose to cool him down.

Finally, Lala gets home. As soon as he enters the house, he checks out his bedroom. After he rests, he comes out to spend some quality time with his owners.

This is an amazing story from the animal world. Wild animals are full of mystery. Would you like to have a penguin as a pet?

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