ESL Video Quiz: syoneda: Real English: Used to + verb

Quiz by: Sharon Yoneda
Quiz #: 7619
(ESL Category: listening) Using "used to + verb" to describe repetitive past actions that are finished -- those actions no longer continue at the present time.
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The modal "used to + verb" is used for an repetitive or habitual action in the past. It doesn't continue in in the present time as indicated by: "but I don't anymore" or "but not anymore."

The question form looks like this:

(?) Did you use to play a lot of tennis at 16?
(-) No, I didn't use to play tennis.
(+) Yes, I used to play tennis, but I don't anymore.

If the action continues in the present time, you use the word "still".

(+)I used to play tennis a lot, but I stopped. Come to think of it, I still play from time to time.

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