ESL Video Quiz Generator


While the AI-powered quiz generator saves time, the AI doesn't create "perfect" quizzes, and teachers will want to edit some of the questions and distractors (especially in song quizzes) and shuffle answers.

  • To create a multiple choice quiz, copy and paste a YouTube url.
  • To create a song quiz, copy and paste both a YouTube url AND the song's lyrics.
  • To create your own questions, chose "I'll write the questions" from the Quiz Type drop down menu.

Quizzes that contain all three activity types—multiple-choice, gap-fill, and chattybot—will be reviewed by our team for publication on, where they can be accessed by ESL teachers and students globally.

Create A Quiz Tutorial: Watch how you can use the AI-powered quiz generator to create multiple-choice and gap-fill quizzes based on YouTube videos, for free.