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How can students quickly find my quizzes, or the quizzes I assign?
1.) Assign quiz #'s and ask your students to use the "Go To Quiz" tool on the hompage.
(On quiz pages, the quiz number is displayed beneath the title.)

2.) Provide your students with your Username and ask them to go to your Teacher Page using the "Go To Teacher Page" tool on the homepage.
The quizzes that you create and favorite are displayed on your Teacher Page.

How can students send me their quiz scores?
Students can send you their quiz scores by entering your Teacher Code in the quiz results web form as seen in the image below.

If you teach several classes, create a different teacher code for each class to keep the students' scores separate. For example, SPE 001-001, SPE 001-002, SPE 002-006, etc.
Or, if you are group of teachers who want to share one account, each of you can create your own teacher code.

Try it out — Take a quiz and send yourself the score.

To create a Teacher Code, log in and go to your Account page. Then click the "Teacher Code" link.

How can I view my students' quiz scores?
To view your students' quiz scores, login and go to your Account page.
Click the "Student Scores" link.

How can I add quizzes that I like to my Teacher Page?
When you find a quiz you like, click the "Favorite" button next to the video, and the quiz will be added to your Teacher Page.

How can I edit my Teacher Page?
Log in, and go to your Account page. Click the "Teacher Page" link.
From here you can Edit and Preview your Teacher Page.

How do I create a quiz?
You'll need to copy/ paste video "embed code" into the quiz builder — not a link. If you paste a link into the quiz builder, the video won't display. More notes on how to create a quiz are found on the Create a Quiz page. Log in, and then click the "Create a Quiz" link.
Quizzes are moderated and reserves the right to edit, feature, archive, or remove any quiz.
Some ideas:
The Top 10 Distractors for ESL video Quizzes
by Sharon Yoneda.

Real World ("Teacher World") Application of
by Sharon Yoneda.

How do I edit a quiz?
Login and go to your Account page. Click the Quizzes button. Next to each of your quizzes you'll see an "edit" link. Click the link to edit that quiz.

Can I embed a quiz on my website?
Yes, at the bottom of each quiz page you'll find the "quiz embed code" -- a horizontal player, or vertical player. Click here to see examples. (Opens in a new window.)
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