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Фрагмент занятия по английскому языку по теме: «Science and
Возрастная группа: студенты старших курсов языковых
факультетов, изучающие английский в качестве второго
иностранного языка.
Языковой уровень: Продвинутый (С1)
Продолжительность: 30\40 минут
Цель фрагмента: Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме
«Science and technology» ; активизировать и расширить
словарный запас по данной теме.

Task 1. Replace the expressions in these sentences with the
phrases taken from the video. Outrage; challenge assumptions;
create a sensation; deserve recognition; make a lasting
contribution; ground-breaking ; a man of many parts; in one fell
swoop; stand up to; stand the test of time
1) I was really shocked by his behavior.
2) His discoveries changed the way we regard the world.
3) This theory was a real innovation in physics.
4) This work should definitely be acknowledged .
5) Despite the fact that his discoveries date back to the 12th
century they are still valid.
6) This scientific research is revolutionary.
7) He possesses vast knowledge in various fields.
8) Her qualifications do not suit to our requirements
9) When the stock market crashed, many large fortunes were
wiped out all at once.

Task2. Read the article about the Big Bang theory and answer the
following questions working in pairs (each of the questions is
dedicated to a particular part).
a) Do the writers support the Big Bang theory?
b) Do we the writers think the public fully understand it?
c) According to the writers , how might journalists and scientists
contribute to public misunderstanding of the theory

The Big Bang as a scientific theory.
a) Did Fred Hoyle support the Big Bang Theory?
b) What natural phenomenon does this theory attempt to explain?
c) How many misconceptions do the writers give?

Communicating the Big Bang.
a) What the main problem of communicating science to the
public do the writers identify?
b) What three weaknesses of many science communicators do the
writers identify and what consequences of these weaknesses do
they note?
c) Overall, do the writers seem critical of Terence Dickinson?
d) Do you think the writers are more critical of Van Flandern or
e) What consequences do the writers have of what they refer to
as «the pseudo-scientific and religious communities»?

What now for communication?
a) What main critism of the dominant model of science
communication did the House of Lords Select Committee have?
b) Do the writers appear to support the view of the House of
Lords Select Committee?
c) What do the suggest is needed to improve public
understanding of science?
d) What advantage do they think «pseudo-science» has over
science in communicating with public?
e) According to the writers what impact does the Big Bang theory
have on humans?
f) Do they think that the Big Bang theory and creationism are

a) The writers conclude by saying that the dominant paradigm of
science communication should be replaced. Why?
b) Can you think of any other controversies in science that could
have been used in the article , instead of the Big Bang theory, to
illustrate the problems of science?

Task 3.
Sentences a-n summarise the main steps in the writers’ argument
in the main parts of the article. Put the steps in order.
The Big Bang as a scientific theory
a)For a number of reasons , the public misunderstand aspects of the
Big Banf theory specifically, and scientific theory more general
b)The Big Bang theory is a valid one, derawing on evidence from a
number of disciplines

Communicating the Big Bang
c) When science communicators point out that a scientific theory
may not be true, this can lead to confusion among the public
d) Scientific theory is open to question, but the methods of
challenging scientific theory should themselves be scientific.
e) few general readers or listeners can understand the details of
scientific exploration.
f) public confusion gives rise to pseudo-scientific explanations,
which are represented as fact when they are not.
g) Science communicators need to adapt what they say to their
h) it is possible to communicate scientific theory , such as The Big
Bang theory, simply and effectively.
What now for communication
i)The public today has access to a great deal of scientific
j) Science communicators need to consider the place of science in
modern society.
k)The Big Bang theory is not necessarily incompatible with a
spiritual understanding of the universe.
l) the dominant model of science communication assumes that the
public needs to be given simplified scientific information.
m) the public should accept one standard of science.
n)the public may prefer the certainties of pseudo-science to the
uncertainties of science.

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