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(ESL Category: listening) An American Youtube podcaster explains us 5 stupid things about iPhones.
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Hello and welcome to another five stupid things and today we talk about five stupid things about the iPhone.
Now hold up before all you Android users start have fiving and starting comment word down below, just know, your time is coming. And in the interest to full disclosure, I have and use an iPhone 6 plus. It is my phone of choice. However even the best products have their flaws.

Number 1.
Siri. Yop, you heard me right… To bad she didn’t. It’s actually kind of funny how incredibly limited Siri is.There is so much potential behind it but all you actually ever get is “I’m a really sorry about this but I can’t take any request right now, please try again in a little while”. Siri is not a personal assistant, it’s a toy, a gimmick you show your friend as they roll their eye because talking to your phone is so 2012. If I had a personal assistant that refused and talked back to me as much as Siri does, I would have fired them… ages ago. The sassy responses are cute and all, Apple, but I’m bored of it. Show me some real functionality. You know I’m not too impressed with Ok Google either. Just like when touch screens first start to dropping, I don’t want to use windows vista with my finger. Innovate the interface or get out. IIGO for sure. And that’s… kinda stupid !

Number 2.
Animations are my aggravation. Not something you’d expect but animations on iPhone are really uncomfortable for its sluggishness. What about my personal puppies about the Iphone is how slowly animations are. Animations exist so you brain can make sense of the constantly changing interface. For instance instead of just turning on the screen is fades in and instead of just opening up showing apps they zoom out. Sure that’s nice and fancy and all but that takes up time. Way more time that you’re even consciously aware of. Especially when you use your phone more and more everyday. I don’t want to turn the ripe old age of 96 before I’m allowed to start using my phone. Seriously some of these animations take so long, I start thinking of other things while I wait : did I take out the lingerie? did I feed the dog ? … Do I have a dog ? If you have an option to jailbreak, kill the animations and you’ll be truly amazed at how powerful the iPhone actually is. And that’s really stupid !

Number 3.
My wallet hurts. iPhones are notorious for how much they cost. Granted they’re made to higher standard and typically made with better materials however there is no excuse for 30$ cable. A lot of people don’t realize this but cables are some of the cheapest electronics to make. Remember back in like 2011 when people were buying HDMI cables for a 100$ a pop. Best buying employers were getting those same cables for 4$. Now how much has changed with the apple lightning cable the cost is approximately $3,50 to make. Not even to mention the price discrepancy of cases that cost as little 75 cents to make and are selling for 45$. I think there’s a cliché here I can use. And that’s how they get ya ! Now that’s stupidly stupid.

Number 4.
Y U NO waterproof? This is one of the frustrating things : iPhone aren’t waterproof. They aren’t even water resistant. Considering how much humans need water and how much they use their phone, you’d think it be a given. Because no matter how hard you try to keep your iPhone safe and dry. Life gets messy and I bound to get wet. I mean this tech has existed for years, you can literally go to one of the centre booths in the mall, and for 60 box you can get your iPhone coded with some hydrophobic material that will make it waterproof. What ? Why is this not a thing out of the box ? I want to be able drop my phone in the toilet with 0 ramification. What , none on purpose of course. That stupideeeer ! The final stupid thing…
Number 5.
We’re locked out. The iPhone and iOS is closed system. Meaning you can install our modified anything on the phone unless you go straight through Apple. We not really in an era where people modified their hardware of phone just yet, but we still want to modify the software. You see, a closed system like iOS is go for couple reasons. There is a sense of quality control and consistency that you get use to and sometimes that prevents malware. However when the government has plans maskerating a sale towers to spy and collect on your data… is malware even a concern anymore ? Probably but still. A closed system is where the apps can only function in a little sand box and prevents the developers for giving the applications any real power or use… like for instance : multitasking ! Not only that but you can’t even customise the visual look of your iPhone. You know what , I’m sorry, I was wrong, you can actually customise the wallpaper ! But get this, you can have a different lockscreen wallpaper than your homescreen. WHAT ? Power is on unparalleled. Now that’s the stupidest !

Thank you so much for watching guys, make sure to leave your comments down below telling me what you think is stupid about the iPhone but not just that tell also what you think is smart about the iPhone. Let’s have one of those good old fashion iOS vs Android wars… Just this once. Also I just started a newsletter, so if you’re not into the all social network thing but still want to stay up to the date, subscribe and you will get by monthly updates. You can get exclusive download sneak peaks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand little secrets about my channel that you don’t already know. But don’t worry I will only send two emails a month. If that actually…
So until next time, have five !

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