ESL Video Quiz: Is genetic engineering a mondial scam?

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(ESL Category: listening) Greenpeace explains us about GMOs

Genetically engineered crops in agriculture, a worldwide experiment on people, animals and nature
Cultivation of genetically engineered crops like soy, maize, cotton or canola have far-reaching consequences.
90% of genetically engineered crops planted to corporate agriculture group Monsanto, the rest are owned by Syngenta, Dupont, Bayer others. Genetetic manipulation of crops can have uncontrollable consequences. The functionnal genome is only partially understood.
But foreign genes are still introduced in the crops.
These genetic engineered crops are wildly cultivated our dose while they cannot be controlled.
Currently 90% of GE cultivation occurs in the Americas, particularly in the USA, Argentina, Brazil and Canada.
It seems researchers have forgotten that genetically engineered crops once outside cannot along be controlled like they could in a lab.
GE crops can self replicate and pass on their new characteristics to neighbouring crops.
Penetrating the feeds, the farmers who want to cultivate their crops without genetic engineering.Adverds, from the genetically engineering lobby claim “Genetically engineered crops produce higher crop yields”

But this marketing mantra is a complete hoax. It is been showed that crops yields of GE crops are no higher than normal crops. But farmers must buy more expensive patented genetically engineered seed each year. This is forcing them to become dependent on corporate giant.

But that’s not all, genetic engineered giants, also produce pesticides and herbicides.

There are two characteristics traits of genetically engineered crops, they are either resistant to herbicides in which case the genetic engineering company itself produces the suitable herbicides or the genetically engineered crop emit an insecticide.

Whether or not the crops are resistant to weed killer or give off poisoner gases.

Not any weeds or pests are eliminated other beneficial field groth and some living creatures are killed as well.
But nature adapt, so pest and weeds develop resistance to pesticides and that means that increasing amounts of stronger pesticides will be used.
Especially grave consequences are observed in this respect in monocultures.

For example in South America, rain forests and other natural landscapes are destroyed every day to make room for genetically engineered monocultures and pasture.At the same time the sol and the ground water are poisoned. On top of that genetic engineered lobby claims genetically engineering crops can help to reduce world hunger.

Genetic engineering is not the answer.
There is enough food on earth the problem is that it’s not distribuated fairly.

But the fact is that most genetically engineered crops find their way into the livestock chain. So they end up as meat or dairy products in supermarkets.
Along with all the destructive effects on the environement one last awkward question remains: how do genetically engineered crops affect humans and animals ?
The answer is : no one knows!

Therefore it’s important to you to carrefully consider which product you buy. Get informed and get involved because our world is not a testing ground.

For more information about genetic engineered go to

Genetcically engineered crops: Cultures génétiquement modifiées
Worldwide: mondial
Canola: colza
Foreign genes: gènes étrangers
Wildly: violemment
To occur: Se produire
To pass on: transmettre
Neighbouring crops: les cultures avoisinantes
Feed : le fourrage, les cultures fourragères
Hoax : canular
Yield : rendement
Patenting genetically engineering seed : grains génétiquement modifiés brevetés
Seed: graine
Suitable: approprié
Weed: mauvaise herbe
Poisoner gases: fumées nocives
Pest : insecte nuisible
Landscape : paysage
Groundwater : nappe phréatique
To claim : réclamer
Fairly : équitablement
Livestock chain : l’élevage de bétail
Dairy products : produits laitiers
Awkward : embarrassant

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