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(ESL Category: listening) this is a presentation of the food of the future : Insect meat. It boasts the benefits of insect’s food.
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For many people the idea of eating worms is a nightmare but for the intrepide Dutch guinea pigs, tonight it’s their evening meal.
“Well it was kind of difficult to do but after the first bite it was okay, you just stop your brain and then just taste and it was okay “
“ if you bite them it’s a small burst of liquid and that’s it, they’re pretty tasty “
And it’s a good job that’s tasty as insects may become a regular part of our diet sooner than you would think. UN agriculture experts believe insects could be the answer to feeding the world’s rapidly expanding population. At the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, these scientists are doing research into insects replacing animal meat as a healthier, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative. Plus they are much more efficient to farm
“ You Grow insect for meat of ten kg of food for insects . There’s about six to eight kg of insect-meat that come out of that. If you take ten kg of food and feed it to cow, she get only one kg of meat “
So it’s much more efficient to produce insect meat than cow or pig meat. Insects are low in fat higher in proteins and there is also a lot of them around. In fact there are over one and a half thousand edible species. They produce less greenhouse gas and manure and they don’t carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. This farm specializes in cultivating these edible creepy crawlies, doing the fine line in mealworms, grasshopper and buffalo worms. But farmer Roland is well aware that it all comes down to the packaging. “ The visual aspect is the barrier for consumers. For example when you see a pig on a spit is quite another thing to have a chop on your plate. I think that humans will eat more insects, but they have to be already cooked; they can’t be visible on our plate.” Having a bit of beetles or a scorpions in starter is nothing new in part of Africa or here in Thailand. But if you still really can’t stand the idea of gobbling down some gummy grubs or even a Bug mac, then there's bad news. The chance is that you’ve already eaten some. Research suggests most of us unwittingly eat about five hundred grams of insect’s particules every year.

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