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(ESL Category: listening) Video about the women’s place in the working world.
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Women are graduating from college at higher rates than ever before. Earning more than half of bachelor’s degrees last year. Companies are increasingly focused on the benefits of gender equality in the workplace. However, the situation for women in the workplace is not changing fast enough.
Women make up 45% at entry level position across the workforce; which decreases to 32% at management roles. At the top, women only make up seventeen percent of the C-suite. At the current rate of progress, it would be one hundred years before we see real equality in the C-suite. Contrary to popular belief, women are leaving organisations at the same rate as men. However, women are less eager to become a top executive citing stress and pressure as the key deterrents.
Most women see barriers to advancement and feel they have fewer opportunities to advance due to their gender. While 74% of companies claim gender equality is a priority for their CEO, less than half of the employees believe it. And only one-third feel it is a top priority for their direct manager. More than 90% of women and men believe taking extended family leave will hurt their career. So while programs widely exist, participation is low.
This inequality even extends to the home. 41 % of working women report doing more childcare than men, 30% report doing more chores but this does not need to be our reality while these facts are a wake-up call we can affect real change. Here are five key actions companies can take.
1)Track key metrics to understand the problem: you cannot change why you cannot see.
2)Demonstrate that gender equality is a top priority: employees must believe that their leaders want change.
3)Identify and interrupt gender bias : we all have unconscious biases to overcome.
4)Rethink work: redefine what successful careers look like.
5)Create a level playing field: make sure opportunities and advancement are equitable.
It is up to all of us to take action, to speed the process of gender equality so everyone benefits, individuals, organisation and society. To learn more go to the

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