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(ESL Category: listening) This video deals with Amazon. It is asked to the company if it is headed to brick and mortar stores.
3245 is the world largest online
retailer. I spoke yesterday with its finance
CEO Jeff Bezos. We discussed whether the
internet giant is ready for retail stores.

« Are you headed to brick and mortar ?

You know I get asked this question a lot and
the answer is : we would love to but only if we
can have a truly differentiated idea so one of
the things we don’t do very well at Amazon is
to omit to product offerings. So when I look at
physical retail stores, it’s very well served,
the people who operate physical retail stores
are very good at it and so, you know, the
question we will always have before we would
embark on such a thing is « what’s the idea ?
what would we do that would be different ? How
to be better ? » We don’t want just do things
because we can do them but we want to do
something because… We don’t want to be

would it have any advantage other than being a
profit center?

That’s the kind of question we ask ourselves,
we are looking for something that would make it
not omit to offering. We want to be
differenciated, you know, if somebodies already
do, if a hundred companies are doing something,
and you’re the hundred and first, you’re not
really bringing any value to society and so,
and typically by the way, the business results
are not very good for something like that
anyway either. And so, what we want to do, we
want to do something that’s uniquely Amazon and
if we can find that idea, we haven’t find it
yet, but if we can find that idea we would love
to open physical stores. »

-Attention to about Jeff Bezos said, he said to
me, that the candles that they manufacture are
really not because they want to sell candles so
much, it’s because they want to sell other
things that they can sell through the candles.

-Got it. He’s so smart Charlie. He’s so smart
and I think Amazon is so successful. I’ve been
thinking « why would they want to do brick and
mortar stores ? » When Amazon seems to have the
market on just about, you can get anything on
Amazon now, quickly.

As he said, it was a new idea. Tell me, what’s
new about doing that if we can do it ?
If anybody can find something new, it is Jeff
Bezos, he’s something else.

- Brick and mortar / Brık ənd ˈmɔːtə / = Point de
vente physique
- To set up / tuː sɛt ʌp / = Mettre en place
- Retail store / riːteɪl stɔː / = Point de vente
- To manufacture / ˌmænjʊˈfækʧə / = Fabriquer

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