ESL Video Quiz: Green Growth : A New Model for Sustainable Development in Asia

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(ESL Category: listening) Green Asia - New perspectives of the green economy model and new opportunities for business development in Asia.

Asia, a region boasting rich biodiversity and natural resources, dynamic economies and more than 4 billion people aspiring for a prosperous and secure future, has seen rapid economic growth in recent decades.
However, rising populations, growing resource scarcity, energy and food insecurity, and natural disasters made worse by climate change, are affecting people across the region, particularly poor and marginalized populations.
The message is clear, while millions have been lifted out of poverty, the current growth pattern are unsustainable and inequitable. A new economic model is needed, one that boosts development, reduces poverty, and provides a high quality of life.
The solution ? Green growth, a green economy is low carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive.
Many countries across Asia are already transitioning to this new paradigm.
Their experience shows that the right policies, knowledge, skills and incentives can influence behaviour and catalyse investments in green businesses and activities.
Increasingly, countries are using a low emission development strategy, or leds, as the foundation for achieving green growth. These national strategic frameworks are developed following careful analysis of a nation’s unique strengths and challenges. They outline tangible actions integrated across all sectors of the economy to increase efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, spur economic growth, and increase resilience to the impacts of climate change.
Where and how can we translate this vision into reality ?
Forestry :
While planting more trees sounds like a « cliché », forests and trees are essential for sustainable development, providing critical services. These ecosystems store carbon, support biodiversity, regulate water flows, and reduce soil erosion. We need to take action now by protecting our forest and plants, restoring degraded or cleared forests, stopping illegal logging and forest clearance, and promoting sustainable management of forests.
Agriculture :
Green growth is fundamental for long term food security and poverty reduction. Promoting the use of naturally drought-resistant or salt-tolerant plants and other environmentally-friendly alternatives can helps farmers avoid catastrophic losses and improve their income during dry years. Investing in and promoting organic products, green labels and ecotourism can create green jobs while maintaining vital ecosystem services such as crop pollination and water purification.
Energy :
Did you know that energy-efficient buildings can cut energy costs up to 30 percent or more ?
Policies that encourage energy efficiency and investments in clean energy can boost innovation, increase profits, and enhance energy security, and supporting small-scale renewable energy projects can help increase energy access to the poor.
Transport :
Investment in green and affordable transport cannot only reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, but also help alleviate poverty.
Promoting high speed rail and bus rapid transit, supporting fuel-efficient and electric vehicles, improving pollution standards, and introducing new biofuels, increases green transport options and creates green jobs.
Simply put, green growth is smart development, greening different sectors of the economy as part of a comprehensive leds, promotes investment, innovation, and job creation, which sustains growth and provides new economic opportunities.
Governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals all have a role to play.
What would you do ? What is your role ? Let ‘s work together for a sustainable future.
For more information on leds and green growth in Asia visit www dot asia leds dot org .

- A region boasting rich biodiversity /ˈbəʊstɪŋ/ = Une region vantant une riche biodiversité
- Scarcity /ˈskɛəsɪtɪ/ = Pénurie
- Lift out /lɪftaʊt/ = sortir, sauver
- Inclusive /ɪnˈkluːsɪv/ Ouvert
- Incentive /ɪnˈsɛntɪv/ Motivation
- Resilience /rɪˈzɪlɪəns/ Résistance
- Spur /spɜː/ Favoriser, stimuler
- Spurn /spɜːn/ Rejeter, Repousser
- Green growth /ɡriːn ɡrəʊθ/ = Croissance écologique
- Drought-resistant /draʊt rɪˈzɪstənt/ = Résistance à la sécheresse
- Renewable /rɪˈnjuːəbl/ = Renouvelable
- Crop pollination /krɒp/ /ˌpɒlɪˈneɪʃən/ = Pollinisation des cultures
- Small-scale /ˈsmɔːlˈskeɪl/ Echelle réduite
- Alleviate /əˈliːvɪˌeɪt/ Calmer, Soulager
- Increasingly /ɪnˈkriːsɪŋlɪ/ De plus en plus

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