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It´s Westminster. It´s a busy place, we´ve got double-decker busses, policemen, tourists, loads statues and well pigeons of course. It´s also home to the houses of Parliament and the most popular landmark in Britain Big Ben. And today´s your lucky day you´re going to see big Big Ben. There´s lot of history in London but nothing compares to Big Ben. Big Ben is part of history which is still working today, exactly like he did a hundred and fifty years ago. Woah I´ve never seen Big Ben, of course you haven´t. Most people never do and today you´re going to see it all. Here we are, let´s go in. I guess you would better start climbing. One, two, three, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, sixty seven,sixty eight. And just when you need some feeling widly you finally get to rest A prison room? This is the big prison room? Well not this particular room, but there was a prisoner juste bellow the way you´re standing it was used for m p s who misbehaved. The last prisoner here was Charles Brad law who refused to take the oath on the bible. Now it´s a museum, but don´t cause for too long because the carpet is literally taken. More stairs. Well three hundred and fifty four steps altogether but first take a pic inside of the problem. Woah it´s so big. It´s huge. Twenty three feet across more than a hundred thousand times the size of the pound coin cluster three hundred and twelve pieces of white glass that make up each face and on the wall behind you those of light bulbs that iluminated the place at night. Before light bulbs there were gas line, that someone had to light every night and make sure they stately through the night. Why don´t you walk around and look all the faces?, people seem to forget that the clock has four faces. And now may i present that great clock? it´s so quiet. Yes, it is surprisingly quiet, antique every other second you conceived the going train, the chiming train, the striking train and of course the amazing escapement. See that that´s the escapement on the pendulum with its famous pennies make it the pendulum swinging in correct time, that reduced pennies to slow down the pendulum or acts to speed it out. How about now? three hundred thirty one, thirty two, thirty three...You´re in the belfry. That is Bib Ben all thirteen and a half tons of him. Put your ears protectors on an wail for the chime to start. While we´re waiting let me tell you a few facts. Big Ben weighs about the same as an elephant, nobody knows for sure how he got his name used by the doctor Benjamin Count a famous bare-Knuckle boxer at that time, also Benjamin Hole he was commission reports when he was cost. He only chimes on the al, that´s one hundred and fifty times a day, In the past, one hundred and fifty years he is chiming more than eight million times and just when you think it´s never going chime. Well it´s finished. What do you think?, and that´s Big Ben striking twelve at noon and now it´s time to climb back down all those steps

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