ESL Video Quiz: Shackleton and the Endurance

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(ESL Category: listening) A short video describing a journal entry from a fictional crew member of the Endurance.
WH questions, past tense, listening comprehension 4319

In  the  morning  we  all  went  out  on  the ice for  a   game  of  football.  The  weather  was fine  and  all   those  that  could  be  spared from  their  duties  joined   in  the  exercise. We enjoyed  ourselves  immensely.
The  ice  remained  quiet  throughout  the night. However,  today,  watching  the  grinding  of the floes   against  our  sides  we  could  not  help but  feel  for   our  safety.  Everything  is  in a  state  of  extreme   compression  and  the ship  groaned,  shrieked  and   shivered  like  a creature  in  horrible  agony.
Suddenly  at  4:45  the  deck  slid  away beneath us   and  the  ship  rose  violently.  Much  like a  pip   squeezed  from  an  orange.  We  shot up from  the  ice   and  were  thrown  30°  to port. There  was  immediate   chaos  on  board.  We spent  the  rest  of  the  day   repairing damage and  returning  the  ship  to  an   even  keel.

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