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I wrote a book "All You need to know about the
music business" and I wrote it because I had a lot
of people asking me: "I want to get into the music
business and I just don't know how to get
started". And I thought it has to be easy to read,
easy to understand overview of the music business
because it was a difficult thing for me to to get
the concept on. It took me a lot of years, to sort
of get the big picture put together in my head. I
could get a lot of little pieces and I can get
some of the parts to see how they fit together it
took me a lot of years to do it and I thought I
wonder if I can safe people a lot of time by
giving them the sort of brow outline and a frame
work and then as they began to have experience as
they can fill it in and know where to plug it so
that it fits into a matrices as a post of being a
bunch of disconnected little experiences. People
who read "All You need to know about the music
business" tend to be young musicians who are
trying to get into the business, people who are
executives, film company people read it because
they wanna understand it, internet company people
read it because they are trying to figure out how
to work music in to their lives. It's really
anybody that has an interest in music business
either as a profession or because they've got to
deal with it as part of their lives. Artists
don’t always want to know about all technicalities
of the business site of the field that’s the
reason they’re artist not business people and it
is not necessary to understand every little bit of
it. The more you know , the better off you’re
going to be because nobody ever takes as good care
of business as you do but at the same time it’s
not the best use of your time to be spending all
of it on business side, so my sense is that an
artist ought to know enough to be able to make
intelligent decisions about the major issues in
their lives or even a smaller ones to the extent.
It’s necessary that it has to be made by the
artist and then beyond that know enough to be able
to pick a team around them who can take care of
technical parts of it and support them and help
them get through their lives and leave them free
to do what they do best which is to be creative.
Desire update all you need to know about the music
business each time I would say that the changes
from the last edition are getting greater and
greater accelerating at a greater pace we’re in a
time of enormous upheaval in the music business is
for recording this were going from CD’s which are
disappearing on doing something digital that
doesn’t yet exist and more fighting piracy that
every week or two sells… sorry transfers and has
pirated more songs then apple iTunes has had since
they were in existence.
We’re dealing with the enormous forces that have
turn the business around and the companies don’t
know how to Deal with it. We’re also coming up
with new streams all the time such as for example
streaming on the man or streaming videos on the
man. All the things that didn’t exist before are
now part of the fabric, none of them are yet as
significant or anywhere close to making up what’s
been lost on the CD sales and the piracy so during
this upheaval we’re still trying to find our
footing for the next step in the business. Things
have gotten enormously complex not particularly
clear and that’s always makes for a challenge when
I’m trying to write a book that explains what the
landscape looks like. When I'm revising “All you
need to know about music business” as much as I
would like to say that I have familiarity with
everything going on reality is that I have to go
out and talk to a lot of people in the industry in
order to find out exactly what is going on because
it changes so repeatedly. I tend to deal with
specific issues but there are issues that I don't
deal with that can affect things that are going on
and I need to get myself educated so I’d spent
quite a lot of time doing research, calling
people, reading articles and trying to figure out
exactly what’s the most current state of affairs
when I'm writing a new edition.

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