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(ESL Category: listening) How to keep an eye on our consumption of sodium
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If you are like most Americans, you're eating more sodium than you should by nearly double.
While a daily recommended amount is less than 230 milligrammes. The average American eats
close to 4.000 milligrammes a day.
There are five foods that make up about 25% of your daily sodium that you might wanna keep an eye on.
Bread, bread comes in and around 150 than 200 milligrammes per slice.
Lunch meats 3 ounces of lean ham has 891 mg or 3 ounces of smoked turkey has a whopping1.008 mg.
Pizza , one slice of everybody's favorite on the go meal has 550mg.
Breaded Chicken can vary from 200 to 900 mg for 3 ounces .
Soup, a can of chicken noodle soup can have as much as 889 mg.
So if breakfast is two slices of toast, and lunch is a sandwich with soup and add a breaded chicken diner, you had nearly 4.000 mg for the day.
Clearly it's easy to overdo it when it comes to sodium, so here are some ways to easily cut down:
cook more at home;
flavor food using herbs and spices instead;
Read your labels even in small things like condiments can have 150 – 200 mg per tablespoon;
And remember to rinse canned vegetables and beans.
That' ll cut the sodium down by 40 %.

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