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(ESL Category: listening) Sherlock Holmes: a bestseller for all ages and interests

Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes?
Woman’s voice: I’ve …sent you… a little puzzle… just to say hi.
Lestrade: What are we dealing (with)?
Sherlock: Something new
Lestrade: You like the funny cases, don’t you? The surprising ones.
Sherlock: Obviously.
Miss Wenceslas: Who are you?
Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes
Mycroft: What’s he like to live with? Hellish, I imagine.
John: I’m never bored.
Sherlock: So, the kid who owned these trainers come to London from Sussex twenty years ago and left them behind.
John: So what happened to him?
Sherlock: Something bad.
Sherlock: Give me time. Will you give me time?
Woman: Twelve hours to solve … my puzzle, Sherlock…
Lestrade: Why is he doing this?
John: It’s all been for you.
Sherlock: I am on fire!
Miss Wenceslas: Am I supposed to be impressed?
Sherlock: You should be. Have a nice day!
Sherlock: No body.
Donovan: Not yet.
Sherlock: Why are you doing this?
Old Woman: I like…to watch you…dance.
Sherlock: Something’s wrong.
John: There are lives at stake, Sherlock.
Voice: Help me! Help me.
: You can’t be allowed to continue. You just can’t.
Newsreader (on the TV): There’s been a massive explosion in central London.
Sherlock: Boom! People have died.
Jim: That’s what people DO!
Voice alert (phone): You have one new message.

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