ESL Video Quiz: Nougat, How do they do it ?

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(ESL Category: listening) In this video, we learn how the nougat is processed
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Belgium may not be much bigger than the state of Maryland but it boasts two thousand chocolate shops most of them in the suitably sweet chocolate-box city of Bruges. the locals are expert on candy and what goes into it. Especially world-renowned Belgium Nougat. For 8 decades nougat vital has been perfecting this treat, today making seventy five percent of Belgium’s entire output. That mass production process is hidden in giant factory vats, so to see how they turn just four ingredients into this sticky treat here’s now how they cook up a much smaller batch of nougat supreme.
First glucose and sugar are boiled in open copper kettles to a two hundred and twenty five degrees celcius. Nougat needs to be far sweeter than this so next they ladle in rich Yucatan honey but this will pour out of your chocolate bar as soon as you took a bite.The answer is to add the mix to stiffened egg whites then stir to a sticky mass in a low speed planetary mixer and that’s the basic recipe. But this factory churns out five hundred pieces of nougat a day and that calls for massive machinery. Hot nougat mix pours into conveyors like cement into foundation and a sticky river stretching two hundred and fifty metres slowly rises to the top of the factory . By the time it reaches nougat’s fall the mix is cooled to thirty two degrees and thickened into a dense carpet, next the nougat passes into an extruder which flattens the lot to a snack- friendly thirty two milimetres. it’s sandwiched between two layers of wafer paper made from potatoes starch and
sunflower oil and sliced into bars .Stack those sticky bars now and you’d never tear them apart
So they’re conveyed to an elevator to cool. It holds ten thousand bars. As they rise and fall, rise and fall, the nougat gradually cools and overnight a little confectioner’s magic occurs. A slight crust forms on the surface of each bar, this is called crouting and it gives the nougat its trademark munchability. A few hours later the bars emerge ready to be turned into nougat nuggets by the factory prototype slicers.

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