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(ESL Category: listening) it’s a cook who prepare a pinata cake with M&M
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Good day, welcome to the simple cooking channel.T
oday I am going to show how I make an M&M rainbow pinata cake. This is really easy to do. Take a little while with the baking but it’s amazing, so let’s go!
Alrighty, now for this, the bottom and the top layer you want to be the regular cake tin for the middle layer when you get a cake tin like this with a hole in the middle, you can always just cut a hole in the middle if that’s easier. But I find this is just makes it a little easy to make. So what you do for this, I am not gonna show you what cake to make because it’s really entirely up to you, if you wanna make a sponge cake, a vanilla cake, a butter cake whatever. And I’m making it with colours. So just need to place that, then you get your middle layer which would have the hole in it like I say if you don’t have. Hey heuu a cake tin with a hole in it and just cut a hole in it. Now once you get to this part before you put the top layer on, get your M&Ms and just pour them in. ahahah yum. And put the top layer on, now this is where we're going to just put the icing or frosting on. Now you can just buy some ready-made or you can make your own. So this is more of a how to make the cake this way not how to make a cake but the decoration, the idea of it. Just put the icing, sugar, frosting. Whatever it is you're using as a as I said you can just buy it from the store already made or you just make it yourself. I prefer to make it myself just because it’s part of being creative but something like this can take a while to make. So just do that all the way around, get it a good thickness so it hides the layers with a joint. Now that the icing is on, decorate however you want with M&M’s. I’m going to put them around the outsides and then coming in, different colours so it’s like a rainbow. Now that the top is done, like this you can do it in the same way if you wish. Now start on the side, I’m just going to start with red !
Alrighty then, there you have it. All you need to do is cut it open. You'll see the layers that are colored and the m&m's from the inside will pour out.
Well, hope you like this, that awesome top and once you've cut it open, you spin it around and what do you see ? The colours spewing out M&Ms, awesome!
Im gonna take a bite out of this whole thing. So I think i'll have a bite of this piece with my little spoon, holy moley moley that’s the best cake i have ever tasted. I will see you next time for my next meal.

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