ESL Video Quiz: Why are we all getting fat?

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(ESL Category: listening) Understanding obesity and detecting it.

In 2012 a five- year old girl was taken into care because she weighed sixty five kilos as much as an adult man. That year 4,000 children were taken into hospital for obesity treatment. Four times as many as a decade earlier. Most us are now fat two thirds of adults are overweight or obese and so are a quarter of our kids. The strangulating massive fat round our body organs is damaging your health and shortening our lives. Doctors don’t want to raise it with us because of the blame and shame around the F word. Let alone the O word, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes rates are soaring. Obesity is the cause of more than 17,000 cancers in the UK every year and that number is rising. It could cripple the health service.This is not are just reward for sloth and greed. It’s a product by the modern lifestyle that it scurried out control we’re on the run. Snacking’s here we go, grabbing sweet treats and crisps, burger and chips lunching while staring at computer and eating ready-meals in front of the TV.
Food and drink industry aggressively markets, instant meal, fizzy drinks and snack foods for our convenience and persuades us that we deserve sugary saturated fatty foods as a reward or retreat and our children learn their eating habits from us by the time they’re five many are already heading for obesity. Diets just don’t work ; you can shift the pounds for 12 weeks but it all goes back on we have an inbuilt resistance with this and starvation and our bodies store fat when they go hungry. Nobody can fight this alone we need to talk we need to educate ourselves and our children about read food. The government will have to act with curbs on marketing and taxes on junk if we’ll do anything about the shape we’re in.

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