ESL Video Quiz: Grit TED Talk

Quiz by: ChezTeresaESL
Quiz #: 24843
(ESL Category: listening) Second half of Angela Lee Duckworth's Grit TED Talk

There is no transcript for this quiz.

Due to a problem with the editing site I
originally used, I have had to post the entire
TED Talk. The quiz questions do not cover the
first three minutes of the speech. You can
listen to the entire talk, or read the summary
below and drag the video to the 3:00 mark.


This video clip starts three minutes into
Angela Lee Duckworth's TED Talk. To summarize
the beginning of the speech, she left a job in
management consulting to teach 7th grade math.
She was surprised that some of her best
students were not the smartest students.
Sometimes, the smartest students weren't doing
very well in school. She started thinking about
why this happens. She went to graduate school
to become a psychologist. She studied why
people become successful. She was surprised by
what she learned. She found one characteristic
that was the biggest predictor of success:

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