ESL Video Quiz: Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for kids.

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(ESL Category: listening) Funny fruits and veggies are trying to persuade Julia to eat them instead of junk food.
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Julia : Mummy I’m hungry what is for lunch?
Mum: we’ve got yummy vegetables and a fruit salad.
What do you think ?
Julia : No I want pizza and chips please
Banana: Hey Julia look over here why would you
want to eat that unhealthy greasy food, look at us
we’re much better for you
Off voice: don’t listen to the banana
Julia : what’s that !
Pizza: you know I’m much tastier, you know you
like pizza don’t you?
Julia : I don’t know who to listen to.
Banana: well, pizza and other unhealthy food,
aren’t the best to eat, it can make you tired,
overweight, and don’t contain the nutrients you
need to get you through the day !!
Julia : oh I didn’t know that.
Carrot: it is much better to eat us, fruits and
vegetables, because we are full of vitamins, and
other nutriments, which your body need to stay
healthy and strong and active through the day.
Orange: let me introduce ourselves to you sweet
Julia ! My name is Oscar the orange and these are
my friends, Charles the carrot, Andy the apple,
Tom the tomato, Brendon the broccoli, Bob the
Julia: Hello all.Why that I should eat you ?
Orange: We are all very good for you but each of
us has a special benefit.
Julia: What kind of benefit ?
Carrot: Let’s say me for example I’m full of
vitamin A which is very good for your eyesight and
keep your skin healthy and growing
Apple: And me, I’m sweet and tasty. I contain a
lot of vitamins C which is good for fighting
Tomato: and me, me ,me I’m the tomato, I’m rich in
vitamins C and potassium
Julia : But wait wait. I’m only five old. I don't
know what vitamins are
Tomato: vitamins helps your body fight all the
nasty germs and potassium helps keep you heart
Julia : Hummmm
Broccoli: I’m the broccoli, I’m rich in vitamin C,
vitamin E, calcium and fibers.
Julia : what are vitamin A and fibers good for?
Broccoli: Fibers helps your stomach feels good and
keeps your heart in “tip-top” condition. Vitamin A
helps your bones and your teeth go stronger, helps
your eyes work better, so your eyes stay as sharp
as an eagle.
Orange : and me I’m an orange, I’m contain plenty
of vitamin C and D.
Julia : Vitamin B, Vitamin C, what are they good
for ?
Orange : Vitamin B is found in all fruits and
vegetables such banana, potatoes but by the way it
does not mean that you can eat as many chips and
crisp as you like. and its very good as giving
your energy so you can put in all day. It helps
your body get healthy blood cells and your skin
like vitamin B very much because he helps you not
to get sun burns and vitamin c is very powerful
and important for your body for fight against
Julia : And what about bananas because I like to
eat them a lot.
Banana: Hy! I’m I Bob, I can tell you bananas are
rich in calcium which helps you grow healthy bones
and teeth and make your hair shine.I know we’ve
told you a lot today just remind you it’s good to
eat fruits and vegetables causes we make you
healthier happier and stronger.
Julia : Ho I didn’t that fruits and veggies are so
good for me. Thanks you guys. Now I’m very hungry,
I ll have my veggies for lunch.
Tomato: You are welcome Julia, have a nice lunch
and see you later.
Julia : Thank you bye!

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