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A language becomes a global language because of the power of
people who speak it. It's (it has) nothing to do with the structure of
the language, it's nothing about the English grammar, or vocabulary,
or pronunciation, or spelling that makes English an appealing
language at the global level. In fact, if you think about it, English
spelling would put most people off, you'd think. So it's nothing to do
with the structure of language,no, it's all to do with power.

But power means different things at different times. English first
became international because of political power, military power,the
power of the British Empire,really. But it isn't just political that takes a
language around the world, there've got to be other factors,too.

A century later,we are talking about the 16,17 century, we had the
power of science, of technology, the industrial revolution. English is
the language of science, that started then as something like two
thirds of the people who invented all the things that made modern
society what it is did so through the medium of the English language.

And then in 19th century economic power. Money talks,always, and
the language it was talking in the 19 century was English because
America and Britain between them had the money markets of the
world sewn up for the most part.

And in the 20th century we have cultural power with English being
the language of the vast majority of the inventions that make modern
society what it is. So it's English turning up in [the], as it were always,
the right place at the right time during [these four] last four hundred
years or so that it has produced the enormous global status that it
currently has.

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