ESL Video Quiz: I'M ALIVE: Teenager Attacked By 3 Lions

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(ESL Category: listening) A teen and his mom telling a story about the attack by huge lions
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Dane Kiesser’s mother :”He screamed. He said “Mom help me Mom. And then he went being very quiet…”

Dane Kiesser : “While, went through my mind, the whole time was just pretending to be dead like completely still and when I get a gap, just get up”

Dane Kiesser’s mother : “I can not tell you how frustrating and how pathetic and small I felt standing on that side like you cannot help him and he is lying there’s, this three huge lions on the top of your child”

Dane Kiesser : “You either get up and do something or you die”
Dane Kiesser’s mother : “Two lions that was on his legs, started fighting, over him. They raised themselves, fighting with each other, that’s when I grabbed that fence again and I went totally mad. And I screamed so much, the one that was on him, he lifted himself and he lifted those claws all of the time. And as he looked at me, Dane got up.”

Dane Kiesser : Somehow I got up, when the exact same time when he wasn’t over me, and i don’t know how or what but a stick lay next to me, I picked it up I turned my back and started moving to this fence.”

Dane Kiesser’s mother : “And he cames to me. And he was standing right in front of me like this.”

Dane Kiesser : “ The lions turned around and came towards me. I shouted “no,no” repeatedly.”

Dane Kiesser’ mother : “Hit him, Dane. Hit Him ! He was with me now, but I could still not do anything for him, then I sort of keep the stick distance from dying for Dane. And he walked to the top of the gate..”

Dane Kiesser : “The lions could have taken me out any time with one jump and i would have been gone.”

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