ESL Video Quiz: Ice Cream Cones | How It's Made

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(ESL Category: listening) This video describes how ice cream cones are made.

To make a waffle cone, they start with a lot of dark brown sugar. They add caramel coloring, along with some secret flavouring ingredients.They pipe water into the blender; it’s ice-cold to keep the batter from getting too sticky. A computer controls the flow of flour into the mix from a tank a floor above. They add vegetable oil, as a giant beater mixes all the ingredients. The batter then flows out of the blender and into a refrigerated tank. At this point, the blend has the consistency of pancake batter, and an agitating blade keeps it that way. Next, nozzles deposit measured amounts of batter on a baking plate that looks like a moving waffle iron. Top plates flip down, and the baking plates rolls through av gas-heated oven for a quick bake. The top plates lift up, revealing the cooked waffle patties. Automated arms help transfer the patties to rolling tools. The tools grab the patties and twist them into cones. The cones fall down a chute and ride an open elevator up and down to cool and harden. The waffle cone slide down another chute and move into lanes on a conveyor. Automated fingers adjust their positions to prepare them to slide into paper jackets. A computer with a camera eye counts the cones and sends a message to a machine that stacks them in the right increments. Here a technician activate a device that pushes on a ball inside a cone, to test the cone’s breaking point, proving this waffle cone can hold up to voracious snacking. Although, in the sugar cone department, the baking plate system is designed differently. It makes patties that are fan-shaped and have a flat edge. This, combined with the type of batter used, means sugar cones are stronger than waffle cones, so they're a more popular choice for hard ice cream. Packers stack the cones in styrofoam trays. Then the packages travel through a curtain of high density polyethylene film. A heated sealer finishes the wrapping job.

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