ESL Video Quiz: Sickle Cell Disease Education and Awareness in Your Community

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(ESL Category: listening) This is a video about the sickle cell disease with many interviews.
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Sickle cell disease is a major public health concern, that affects millions of people around the world.
Althea Grant : - In the United States, it is estimated that sickle cell disease affects ninety thousand to hundred thousand Americans. In addition more than three million people in United States carry the sickle cell gene that allows them potentially to pass the disease onto their children.
Ifeyinwa Osunkwo: - Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder and it causes your red blood cell to be abnormally shaped. Because of this abnormal shape, they don’t carry oxygen for very long, they die quickly, they don’t live as long as normal red blood cells.And you end up with organ damage over time that “hum” is a result of the fact they don’t have enough oxygen getting to your different organs. The number one symptom of sickle cell disease is anemia. The number two symptom is pain. And actually, in the community, people think of sickle cell disease as a painful disorder. “Hum” You tend to have episodes of pain that come and go that are unexpected unpredictable and can be of different degrees of severity.
The Wells family : - I learned I had sickle cell disease in my twenties. I had a lot of stomach pain and when I went to the hospital, it turned out that it was an enlarged spleen and they diagnosed me with sickle cell. “Euh” but thinking about it I had two attacks before then in High school just didn’t know that it was a sickle cell attack . I had been having a lot of crises and other health issues and my gallbladder removed, and I had my worst sickle cell case which landed me in the hospital for “euh” like a month. And the doctor said I almost didn’t make it .I can’t lift heavy things and it kind of narrows down my carrier options

Sonja Banks : Sickle cell disease affects people of all walks of life. And there is a critical need for blood and marrow donors, especially from people of colour. Consider becoming a blood donor, or registering to donate bone marrow .Become a sickle cell ambassador for your community and help us bring awareness and education to every family.

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