ESL Video Quiz: Climate Change Animation Shows Devastating Effects

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(ESL Category: listening) It’s about the devastating effects on how climate change is already affecting every continent and every ocean on the planet.
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Climate change is already impacting every continent and ocean on the planet. Hundreds of scientists and experts came to this conclusion in a new report for the United Nations. The report has taken 5 years to make and it's part of the definitive study on climate change to date.
Here are some of the report's biggest findings when it comes to climate changes impacts summarized on this map.
In the report, scientists used a scale to explain how confident they are about given impact and whether it's caused by climate change even when other factors like pollution play a role.
For now, let's focus on impacts that scientists are very confident can be linked to the climate change.
And undisputed facts will be indicated like this.
So let's start with the oceans which have been getting warmer since 1970. Scientists are highly confident the warming has been caused by greenhouse gases that humans have been pumping into the atmosphere.
The warming has massive consequences. One example : in the North East Atlantic, fish, zooplankton, seabirds and other species are moving towards the poles to escape the heat.

In the Mediterranean, some species have died en masse while new warm water species have invaded. How does this affect people ? Well 90 % of the people who work in fisheries come from the world’s poorer countries and won’t have jobs if fish move or disappear. No fish also means no food. Especially for places like central and Western Africa, Peru, Columbia, and elsewhere, which rely on the sea for food security. And it's not just sea life that’s affected. Animals and plants in Europe, North America, Chile and Malaysia have recently moved in average of 17 kilometres towards the poles, and 11 meters up in altitude escape the heat. But moving isn't an option for coral reefs. Coral reefs around the world are bleaching and dying in increasing numbers. Coral reefs are home to more of 4,000 species of fish. The irreversible loss of reefs would impact 500 million people who rely on reef ecosystem for 5 billion U.S. dollars a year.

Finally there is the Arctic, so many changes are happening in Arctic that scientists say our regime shift is taking place there. The Arctic's permafrost is thawing and shrubs are literally creeping upwards into areas where they couldn't grow before ; animals that rely on ice like polar bears and seals are being severely affected especially in the warming summers in turn food security for the indigenous people who live in the Arctic is threatened.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg as glaciers continue to melt worldwide because of climate change raising sea levels. Pretty scary stuff uh ?! So is climate change already impacting you where you live ?
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