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(ESL Category: listening) The theory of relativity developed through Doctor Who TV show.
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Steven Moffat : I have tried to read up on it at the one point about a year after I started running Doctor Who I’ll try to read up over this and Oh my goodness it ‘s difficult.

Michio Kaku : According to Einstein's special theory of relativity the faster you move the slower time beats inside your rocket ship. That means travel into the future is possible, in fact every time our astronauts blast off into outer space. They actually go into the future despite a tiny fraction of a second.

Dallas Campbell : If you could approach this speed alive and time would slow down
Dramatically, eventually time would stop altogether.

Michio Kaku : Doctor who has a technology, centuries maybe millennium more advanced than ours in which case going right up to the speed of lights is child play’s. When that happens time slows down inside your rocket ship. So if you want to go 1 year by stars for example it takes 4 years for a light beam to reach that star but in his TARDIS in may take 4 seconds.

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Jim Al Khalili : In the opening sequence for doctor Who, you see the Tardis tumbling through a tunnel. Now to my mind that tunnel could represent a wormhole and is taking the Tardis from normal space, through this wormholes which is that ,which is basically curved time and space, to somewhere else.

Maggie Adenin Pocock : To travel from one part the space to another party space time, you can take the linear route which is what we do. We travel through our lives going, sort of progressing through time but at the same time sometimes we can consider distorting space time so while you’re having a flat sheet. You can distort space time and having to events which might be quite far away from each other brought together closer and you can travel between them with a wormhole.

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Maggie Aderin Pocock : Fix its place on one case where there’s a London bus traveling along the doctor is on board with a number of other people.
They go through a tunnel in London ended up in the desert on another planet.
Steven Moffat : Look, look, if you must know I was tracking hole in the fabric of reality , call it a hobby, but it was a tiny little hole not injured anyone, drove, drove through this.
Maggie Aderin Pocock : And wormholes hum could work this way.
Steven Moffat : We drove through this.
Maggie Aderin Pocock : You could travel from one planet to another planet in the matter of seconds by traveling through a wormhole.
(actrice) And that’s ?
Steven Moffat A door, a door in the space
Michio Kaku : And no matter how fantastic these ideas are we measure them in a laboratory this is not science fiction it’s science fact get used to it.
(BBC) The science of doctor who and all new special premiere Saturday august 4 at 9 on BBC America.
Steven Moffat: Get your head around that

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