ESL Video Quiz: Funny Mistakes In Our Favorite Movies

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(ESL Category: listening) This video points out things that do not make sense and funny mistakes in some of our favorite movies

All right, on a lighter side today is April fools day and what better way to commemorate this holiday than looking at some movie mistakes. Steve patterson had some of our favorite blobs including crazy continuity problems uncooperative extras that’s my favorite crew members who stay in a shot and magical moving props. in the oscar- nominated” Precious “Gabourey Sidibe steals a bucket of chicken and leaves her school notebook behind but when she turns up in class soon after that she’s the notebook with her . In Hitchcock suspense classic North by Northwest
Eva Marie Saint let’s Cary Grant habit with a gun buy but check out in the background plugging his ears against the upcoming gun shot noise. Maybe the suspense was too much for him. Russell Crowe enjoys a quiet moment with his horse in “Gladiator” maybe that’s why this set technicien tried to sneak away unobserved . Did they wear blue jeans in ancient Rome? and when the chariot is upended in the Roman Coliseum look fast for the pressurized air tanks that helped flip it. “Rictusempra” Draco Malfoy gets smacked down hard in “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” but apparently neither Drako nor professor Snape noticed the secret camera guy in the corner.

In Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl, captain Jack Sparrow is surrounded by his motley crew. Look again and you’ll see a crew member in a cowboy hat and sunglasses.
Staying with the all hands on deck theme in Pearl Harbor, Cuba Gooding junior witnesses the attack and shares the shot with the guy operating the remote Follow Focus. Lots of hard charging action in Star Wars right, well in fact one imperial stormtrooper got so carried away, he accidentally clobbered himself on a low hatchway. Lets enjoy that special Star Wars moment again.
In a long time ago in a movie far far away the American civil war epic the Red badge of Courage has actor Audie Murphy leading the charge with a big bandana on his head then, halfway through the charge, the bandana has gone, after the battle it's back
the reason, the studio cut down the original version severely the movies only 69 minutes long and two different battle scenes were folded into one. Yeah, I know. I love when they point this out where's there cause you never see that eye in Caribbean or any other things and never notice it
or the guy with the jeans that was walking in the Russell Crowe show
Yeah they had jeans back then, I am sure!
yeah I guess so
by the way there's no truth to the rumor that slave actress in Sparctacus wore sunglasses or watches
check out all these movie mistakes and the movies on dvd right now.

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