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932 deaths from Ebola might seem like a lot, but the real pandemic terror is lurking elsewhere.

Hey everyone it’s Laci Green here for D News. Throughout history there have always been outbreaks from one disease or an other. But at occasion this diseases are so aggressive, so deadly that they strike fear into the heart of human beings for ever ! Here’s a review of the top of deadly pandemic diseases, or diseases that went international, that humanity has somehow survived.

Number one it’s Smallpox. It’s estimated that smallpox first emerged around 400BC but it first changed history in the 16th century when it killed off ⅓ of Central and South Americans. In the 18th century it went on to kill 60 million of Europeans and in the 20th century it killed 300 to 500 million people. The diseases was viral, causing spotty bumps all over the body, and was transmitted as easily as facing someone. In 1980, thanks to a worldwide vaccination effort the World Health Organization declared Smallpox was the first and only disease to be completely eradicated.

Number two is the Bubonic Plague. Otherwise known as the Black Death. The Black Death swept in during the 14th century a bacterium carried by fleas that caused egg-sized swelling on people’s bodies call buboes. Buboes meant you had no more than a week to live and even being near someone with them could passed on to you.The plague started in China and India before spreading to Europe, and it killed between 75 and 200 million people, nearly half of Europe and a sizeable chunk of the entire world’s 450 million person population.

Number three is the 1918 flu AKA the Spanish flu, which wasn’t actually Spanish. At the time, during World War One, the military was censoring the news and many people even didn’t know it was happening. In Spain, where the news wasn’t censored, it received tons of press. This flu came and went in a terrifying flash, infecting 1 billion people Worldwide, half of global population. The flu would fill people’s lungs with fluid targeting the young and healthy. By 1919, it went as fast as it had come, having decimated the global population.

Number four is Malaria. Malaria is a blood disease caused by protozoan parasites. The parasite is transmitted widely through female Anopheles mosquitoes they suck up infected blood and then pass it on to the next person they bite. Every year there are over 200 million cases of Malaria worldwide, and about 2 million of those people die. There are drugs to treat it but resistance is spreading.

Number five lastly is HIV AIDS, this disease that surfaced in the 80’s, and is often sexually transmitted because it hides out in bodies fluids. HIV decimates the immune system, making it hard or impossible to fight off other infections and diseases that you’ve come in contact with. Over 36 million people worldwide have died of AIDS, most of those were in Africa. 33 years later, and scientists still haven’t found a cure.

So this is just a handful and of course there have been many more, cholera, polio, tuberculosis. Statistics-wise, the 21st century is a relatively good time to be alive. Thanks for joining me on D News everyone. I see you next time.

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