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(ESL Category: listening) Here are 10 strangely cool UK traditions that are practiced to this day.
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In modern times many customs have been cast
aside, existing only in stories about how
things used to be. Not all of them, though.

Here are 10 strangely cool UK traditions
practiced to this day.

Number 10. Wearing wigs in court. The practice
of judges and lawyers donning horsehair coifs
dates back to the 17th century. Not all courts
and cases require them, but there are those who
choose to wear them anyway.

Number 9. Permission to marry. This really only
applies to those who are descendants of King
George the Second. For those who are, it means
that a representative of the ruling monarchy
must be present at the wedding to extend
written consent.

Number 8. Custodian helmets. As far as
traditions go, this one almost didn’t make it.
Even though they fell out of favor for regular
use over 30 years ago, some police forces are
putting them back into regular rotation.

Number 7. The Guards at Buckingham Palace.
Where else would you find soldiers wearing
outfits as good as these? The infantry soldiers
seen guarding the palace not only serve a
ceremonial role, but are also elite soldiers.

Number 6. Summer birthdays for the ruler. Royal
celebrations often involve large parades. To
boost the chances of sunny skies, birthday
celebrations for the monarch are scheduled in
the summer months, regardless of when they were
born. Queen Elizabeth II is among those who
have added an additional date.

Number 5. Congratulatory messages from the
monarch. Since 1917, England’s Sovereign has
sent special cards and greetings to people
celebrating milestones like significant
birthdays and anniversaries.

Number 4. The Queen of England doesn’t have a
passport. As they’re all issued in her name,
that she carry one is considered unnecessary.

Number 3. The Duke of Wellington pays rent.
Well, sort of. It’s part of a ceremony
commemorating the title-holder of long ago
returning victorious from Waterloo and taking
up residence in a country-owned home. While the
Duke hands a flag to the Queen as rent, there’s
no money changing hands.

Number 2. Pearly Kings and Queens. Although the
charitable organization has changed names
several times, they’ve been aiding the poor for
around 1 thousand years. The group’s members
wear black ensembles embellished with white

Number 1. The State Opening. Each year when the
Parliament begins its season the Queen give a
government-written speech outlining the year’s

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