ESL Video Quiz: How Mission Control Saved the Apollo 13 Crew

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April 14th, 1970, rookie astronauts Fred Haise and Jack Swigert and commander Jim Lovell a veteran of 3 NASA missions are two days into the third moon landing attempt on Apollo 13.
"This loud bang occurred; I could hear and saw some warping of the metal in the tunnel"
"With the lights starting to flash and just started to fire, I looked up at Fred to see if he knew what was causing all this commotion. I could tell he didn't know"
Warning lights indicate something is wrong with the electrical system, then more lights; two out of three fuel cells have just died.
"We've had a problem here"
"Say again please?”
"Uh, Houston we have a problem."
"Looks to me, looking out the hatch, that we are venting something... we are venting something out into space."
What the astronauts saw was frozen oxygen spilling out of their own air supply.
"At that moment everybody recognized that this was survival and we started moving in an entirely different fashion."
Mission control has been handed the job of their lives, without inventive solution the crew will perish. Their crisis is immediate. In the command module both oxygen and power are dwindling fast.
"OK let's make sure that we don't do anything that will cause us to lose fuel cell number 2."
On the stricken space craft energy is in short supply. So all superfluous life support systems are shut off. But even with everything powered down, the air supply will not hold out long enough. The three are exhaling deadly CO2 into the tiny lunar module.
"The amount of pressure of carbon dioxide was building up in the lunar module"
Spare canisters in the command module could save the crew but these spares are square and the lunar module carbon scrubber is round, mission control needs to figure something out.
"So engineering comes up with the idea to fabricate an adapter to fit the scare scrubber into round hole, test it in the laboratories and voice the instructions up to the crew"
"And they used duct tape, a piece of cardboard, a piece of plastic and a long sock"
“That literally was in minutes the crew could see the carbon dioxide pressure starting to drop”
The harrowing ordeal of Apollo 13 was a stark reminder that we had not tamed space. Ultimately it was the highly skilled teamwork of mission control that saved the day.

a rookie : /ˈrʊkɪ/ un bleu
to warp : /ˈwɔːpɪŋ/ se voiler
dwindling : /ˈdwɪndlɪŋ/ en baisse
stricken : /ˈstrɪkən/ touché
to exhale : /ɛksˈheɪl/ expirer
a canister : /ˈkænɪstə/ une boîte
carbon scrubber (/ˈskrʌbə/) : appareil qui filtre le CO2
harrowing : /ˈhærəʊɪŋ/ (pour une épreuve/expériance) éprouvant
an ordeal : /ɔːˈdiːl/ une épreuve
to tame : /teɪm/ dompter

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