ESL Video Quiz: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Trailer

Quiz by: esale
Quiz #: 22399
(ESL Category: listening) The Hobbit

One day I will remember; remember everything that happened; the good; the bad; those who survived and those that did not; ”home is behind; the world ahead; And there are many paths to tread; through shadow; to the end of night; until the stars are all alight; Withstand shadow, Cloud in chain; all shall faint”; Will you have peace or war ?”All shall…” I will have war; “…faint” will you follow me; one last time?

-Ahead /əˈhed/ devant
-Paths /p{Ts/ Voie
-Whithstand /wɪθˈstænd/ Résister

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