ESL Video Quiz: Cell Phone Etiquette

Quiz by: Jay R
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(ESL Category: listening) The rules on mobile phone use.

Annoying, ha? Cell phones are everywhere. Beeping, buzzing, blaring, and that's just the phones. Sometimes the people using them are even worse.

"People are being rude without even realizing that."
Sandy Height has made a career minding her manners. She runs the etiquette school of Ohio.
"Somewhere in, I think, the 60's or early 70's, rules and structure to our society went by the wayside"
But thanks to Sandy and others like her the tide is turning. Rude is out, respect is in. Rules are in place.
The top 10 rules for cell phone etiquette. In reverse order:
Rule number 10: Pay attention! It's rude not to, and you won't end up on YouTube.
"I'm guilty of it to. I have literally walked right into signs."
Rule number 9: Talk to the person you're with, not on your phone.
"It appears to me, that the person I'm hanging with isn't as interesting as the phone."
"Oh, my Godness, my cell phone's ringing. I've got to answer that."
No, you don't. It's probably nothing important anyway.
That's rule number 8: Make it meaningful. No pointless, frivolous, meaningless phone calls. Certainly, not at the movie theatre.
"Cell phones are off."
Rule number 7: Cell phones are off at theatres. And the same goes for restaurants. That's rule number 6. Because the waiter taking your order...
"Hello, and then you're standing there"
"- Mine went off when I just sat down, and I didn't even mute it. But if you've gotta call, excuse yourself and take it over here, take it somewhere else.
- So, you just sat down and had an infraction, right?
- Yeah, I did. "
Rule number 5: Don't shop while on the cell. Person behind the counter will appreciate it.
"People are on their phone and they're: oh, I want this, I want... like they won't actually talk they just point at stuff and expect me to read their mind, but..."
Here's a thought. Rule number 4: Go phone free once in a while. Believe it or not, not everybody has one.
"Do you have a cell phone?"

"We are gathered here today..."
Rule number 3 is a no brainer on the list, but it must be said. No cell phones at funerals. Yes, it has happened!
"Let's bow our heads and pray."
"- Large pepperoni.
- That's exactly what we've heard, yes. Large pepperoni, please."

And please ditch that ringtone. That's rule number two: No annoying ringtones.
Your favorite song is not everyone else's. In fact, we don't need to hear you at all.
"HELLO?! what?"
That's rule number 1 of cell phone etiquette: Be quiet!
"- You find people are really loud on their cell phones?
- Yes, I am.
- Oh, you are loud.
- I am loud. I do that.
- You're admitting to it."
"Yeah, so that's the number 1 rule of cell phones. Don't talk too loud on your phone. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry."

Speaking task:

Are there any other situations in which it is appropriate or inappropriate (or even forbidden) to use a mobile phone? What are those situations? Discuss the topic with a partner.

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