ESL Video Quiz: Spongebob Squarepants in the Endless Summer

Quiz by: esale
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(ESL Category: listening) Global Warming sounds like a picnic to Mr. Krabs, but can Bikini Bottoms really handle rising temperatures?

- I’m off to work at the krusty Krab, frying up patties and blabadiblab…. Oh that’s new ! Strange place to park a car. What’s this for ?
- Sponge bob ! You ‘re wasting me precious carbon dioxide !
- Carbon dioxide ?
- I’m pumping it into the atmosphere boy , thanks to global warming, the temperature will soon go through the roof and i will have an endless summer.
- Why do you want an endless summer Mr Krabs?
- So I can open me latest money-making venture, the crusty pool !
- what about winter sports mister crabs ?
- Forget winter boy, we’re talking sun tanning, hanging 10 and swimming all year long !
- Humm, the endless summer does sound fun !
- And profitable
- Fun and profitable ! Big business does it again ! I just wich it could be the enless summer right now
- Heyyyyy !
- Umbrellas are $ 3, Sir.
- oh what a bargain ! I’ll give you five.
- What the barnacles? It suddenly got very warm in here. Who turned up the heat ? Sponge Bob what are you doing ?!
- Just throwing another tire for the fire for global warming Mr Krabs, hahahaha ! Hey look it’s working, the entire town is heading this way to cool off.
- You mean pay off ! I Hurry Sponge Bob ! Fill the pool ! Fill the pool!!
- Aye, aye, Sir !
- Have your money ready, folks. The line starts here. Where is everybody going ?
- We’re all moving north, we can’t live here anymore, it’s too hot !!
- All me customers are moving to cooler climates.
- Look at the bright side Mr Krabs, there won’t be a line to go to the pool ! … ouch

- endless summer /ˈɛndlɪs ˈsʌmə/ = un été sans fin
- bargain /ˈbɑːgɪn/ = bonne affaire
- barnacles /ˈbɑːnəklz/ = crustacés
- hurry /ˈhʌri/ = dépêcher
- Pool /puːl/ = piscine
- Cooler /ˈkuːlə/ = plus frais

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