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(ESL Category: listening) the top 5 most insane roller coasters!

Hey You tube’s guys, Keaton here, so in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the top 5 most insane roller coasters and let me tell you one thing, there are some pretty crazy ones on this list.
So let’s get started.
And number 5 is Skyscream in Germany, so this one doesn’t have the fastest rollercoaster record or even the tallest one, but what it does have is a lot of cork screws and that throws a lot of riders for a loop, not a loop in that sense but like you’re not really expecting some of the different turns and things like that. So it first gets started with a gradual acceleration, accelerating quickly faster then faster backwards then fast enough to go over the first hump , and then gravity does the rest but a lot of riders have definitely been thrown for a loop, that’s for sure.
And number 4 is Kingdaka in New Jersey and this is one of those rollercoasters that I really wanna check out when I visit Phily this summer, but it shoots you up 456 steep hills at 128mph and I’m not a big fan of steep hills but this is literally a straight up and then straight down at 128mph a lot of riders have felt like their face is going to be blown off, and you really can’t move your head when you’re going that fast.
And number 3 is Gravity Max in Taïwan, so you’re shot up a pretty steep hill and then you kinda linger at the top you’re not really doing much, you’re just sitting there which is kinda freaky because your off the ground by a lot and then you get to a certain point in the coaster’s tracks, and then it starts to teeder toder back and forth, and that's not something you want as a rider and it throws everyone for like a mind-blowing like experience. You honestly feel like you’re gonna fall off the rollercoaster tracks which is pretty scary for a lot of riders and I’d definitely be scared too. Let me know if that's a ride you guys would wanna check out in the comment section down below, but yeah that's pretty scary.
And number 2 is Takashiba in Fuji yoshida Japan, really happy I got the pronunciation right there. The rollercoaster like cart is pretty small, it's one of the smaller ones I've seen, that's because the physical coaster has a lot of different turns, and it’s a top head which suspends you in the air at a 118 ft for a brief moment and I don't like hanging upside down so that's a red flag for me right there. And then there’s also another steep hill which you go straight up and straight down at 120° angle and that's at 121ft in the air so I kind of understand why there's such a small cart but if you get to ride on this or have rode this before, you are definitely in for a lot of turns.
Number 1 is Ferrari rossa which is in United Arab Emirates and what's really cool about this one is it covers 1.3 miles of rollercoaster track in 90 seconds, and the first bit of the rollercoaster is a straight shot superfast and this is so fast that it actually gives the riders goggles like I kid you not, in one video I saw the girl's goggles fall off and she had to close her eyes for the reminder of it, that's so fast is going and with the name like Ferrari world that's something you can definitely expect but it looks like an absolute blast.

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