ESL Video Quiz: Layer of Atmosphere with the Dr. Binocs

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(ESL Category: listening) Learn about layers of atmosphere with Dr. Binocs.
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0:11Hey Everyone! guess where I am?
0:15Well, don't think so hard.
0:18I am in space.
0:20Do you see that blue ball?
0:22Well, that's where you are.
0:25That's the Earth.
0:27But hey, what are these?
0:30They are the layers of Atmosphere.
0:33So let's learn about the layers of atmosphere today!
0:37 Zooom in.
0:39This is the Troposphere.
0:42This layer is where the weather occurs.
0:45This is the lowest atmospheric layer
0:48and begins at the surface of the earth
0:51and extends out to about 4-10 miles
0:54The temperature of the troposphere decreases with increase in
1:00Just so that you know, altitude is the height of an object
1:05or point in relation to the ground level.
1:08Now we're in the Stratosphere.
1:11Second lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere.
1:15Here, the temperature rises with the rise in altitude.
1:20You will also find the Ozone Layer here,
1:23which helps absorb harmful UV rays from the Sun.
1:31This is the layer where you will find aeroplanes flying around
1:35 as the Stratosphere is free of all weather disturbances.
1:39The stratosphere extends to about 30-35 miles above the Earth's
1:47This is the Mesosphere,
1:49where most meteors burn upon entry.
1:52The Mesosphere streches up till 50 miles from the earth's
1:58The Thermosphere is next and the air is very thin here.
2:02Temperatures get extremely hot in the Thermosphere.
2:06It extends upto 400 miles from the Earth's surface.
2:11The lower part of this layer contains the Ionosphere.
2:15Many atoms are ionized in this layer
2:18and you will also find electrical charge here.
2:25This is the last layer and the air is quite thin here.
2:30Yes, it is the Exosphere.
2:33 It goes all the way up to 6200 miles from the Earth's surface.
2:43Did you know?
2:44Troposphere contains more than 75% of atmosphere's mass.
2:50And the Ions in the Ionosphere help to transmit Radio Waves!
2:57Ooooh.. It's getting a bit spooky here.
3:01I think it's time for me to get back to Earth.
3:04So, this is me Zooming out!
3:07Tune in next time for more fun facts.

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