ESL Video Quiz: 5 Food Innovations We Desperately Need

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Hi there ! My name is Cornwell and I love eating like a lot.
I think it’s partially because I have an abnormally large mouth, and also because I'm a huge pathetic sloth baby, which acts with little act self-control, and well I think food is great the ways we consume it could be improved upon immensely.
I mean, just look Ketchup packets, they’re like a saucey landmine and the worst part is you’re only getting 4 to 5 fries per packet tops. Huh !
So, with that in mind, I’d like to propose these five food innovations that we all desperately need.
First on the list , the Sriracha Syringe, sriringe, yeah, there we go ! Basically, It’s just a sriracha bottle with an ultra thin spicy needle that’s perfect for injecting flavour deep within your foods.
I can finally pretend my Hamburgers are high school running back looking to shave a half-second of the time and they do whatever it takes to make that happened. It’s also very helpful for pranking your friends , which is always a plus.
Next up it’s freezie cheeze. These tiny frozen dairy darts are perfect for neutralizing the hot molten core of your favorite foods.Tired of waiting for that triple cheese and gravy hot package to cool ? Just plunge a few of these bad boys deep into your cheesy … and then cut your weight in half.

That way is in time now way is body mass I just forget to clarify : you are going to get super fat from eating all of this.
It’s a scientific fact that tacos own super-hard but regardless of the quality, there are rudimentary food delivery systems as this.
Which is why we need edible sewing thread or threadibles , now , more than ever. Dissolvable surgical stitches already exist. So by the transitive property of science inventing, a new type of melt-in-your-mouth needle-based thread should be a piece of cake.
Just make sure to remove the needle before eating. When it comes to messy meals, the burrito is the prime offender . Which is why number 4 in our list is the burrito diaper.
Burrito are basically babies already, they’re super messy, they fit in the palm of your hand, and you have an irrational love for them despite their many, many flaws. So let’s solve this math riddle by swallowing burritos, extra-absorbent second tortilla. Just call me Jonathan Swift cause that baby’s is ready to eat.
If you’re watching this video, chances are good that one way or another you probably ate an entire meal over your computer God knows I have. At this point my keyboard is basically just a food graveyard for every lonely man meal I have ever eaten. I mean I guess I could stop eating over my laptop, but then, how the hell would I ever catch up with all the shitty enemy I watch when my girlfriend is out of town.
A better solution is obviously to use a double-decker keyboard’s keeper. Sure, your life is still miserable and allow given . But at least now your keyboard is crumb free.Take that jugement employee at the Apple Genius Bar.
So that’s all the innovation I have . If you got anymore ideas leave then in the comments so I can steal them and include them in my product pitch.
Thanks for watching. Now if you’ll excuse me, my dinner is ready !
Oh fuck! Oh shit, it’s so hot! I proved my own point! Goddamit!

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