ESL Video Quiz: Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

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(ESL Category: listening) Interview of Emma Watson with Jimmy Kimmel about the casting of Harry Potter films.

-« Yeah , I’m Happy here »
-How old were you started making thoses movies
-I was 9
-9 Years old
-And beforehand did you know about the books ?
Was that a part of your life ?
-It’s was a huge part of my life , yeah.
-And then , you get involved in this thing and
little did you know, it would take you all the
way to adulthood, which is really crazy. I mean
, nobody has that experience
-No , I mean , yeah , no one goes to the first
audition they’ve ever been to their entire life
and then makes thoses movies for over a decade
-No , it just doesn’t ever happen
-That doesn’t happen
-It’s almost like you have magic powers or
-In a way , literally. Now , there’s a
videotape... somebody here on the show found
this... it’s like an outtake from the movie
-Oh yeah ?
I want to encourage people to watch very
closely, watch Emma’s lips very closely
throughout this, cause i’ll ask you to explain
this to me
-A stone that stops you from dying. No wonder
Snape’s after it. Anyone would want it.
-Something doesn’t make sense. If all snape
wants is this sorcerrer’s stone, why did he try
to kill you during the quidditch match ?
-You are helping them with their lines
-You laugh. This is actually quite traumatic
for me because I created issues because of this
- Oh , really ?
-What issues ?
-I would ruin takes
-First it would be like : « cut, Emma you are
doing it again , you’re mouthing Dan’s lines ».
And I would be like : « Oh I’m so sorry , so
sorry. Oh , I feel so bad ». But I couldn’t
help myself. I was like I was. I was such a
loser. I really loved those books, I really
wanted to do my job well and I kind of overdid
-Don’t worry about it. Guillermo does that with
me all the time when I go off the script, he
corrects me. You can see, he hides it with his
mustache. If you had a mustache, it probably
wouldn’t have been noticeable to anybody
-Congratulations on all your success and the
big movie for another generation of young
It’s for the Beauty and the Beast, on march
2017. Emma Watson.

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