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Guy Fawkes Day.
British people celebrate some festivals like Christmas and Easter - with the rest of Europe. But some are just British.
Here’s a very British festival, and a very noisy one! This is Guy Fawkes’s night in Britain. On the fifth of November every year British people remember Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow out the King and the Houses of Parliament in 1605.
That's Guy Fawkes and here he is under The Houses of Parliament. Some soldiers are arresting him and taking him away. Every November the fifth British people burn a model of Guy Fawkes. The models are called “guys”. Children make them out of old clothes. There are a lot of fireworks too.
What’s this?
It’s Pancake Day. Pancake Day is in February. In some towns there are Pancake Races. People throw pancakes in the air and race at the same time. And of course they eat lots of pancakes too.

Saint Valentine’s day.
Look at these beautiful red roses. And here’s a card. Shh! Let’s have a look! To my darling Julie with lots and lots of love from…and look, there isn't a name…but look at all these kisses. Why? Because today is a very romantic day. It’s Saint Valentine’s Day. On the fourteenth of February people send cards to someone they are in love with, but they don’t sign the card. How do you know who it’s from? You don’t. You guess.

Now it’s October the thirty-first and it's Halloween! A festival of ghosts and withes. People
often have parties and children dress up as witches. But the really important festivals in Britain are Easter and Christmas – especially Christmas.

At Christmas people put up lot’s of decorations. This is the Robinsons' Christmas tree. They keep their presents under it until Christmas Day. People often spend Christmas with their families. On Christmas Day they give presents to their friends and family.
What's Mrs. Robinson got?
-Oh, how lovely!-
Lucky mom.
-Thank you, darling!-
-Oh, great!-
P or old dad's got four pairs of socks.
In the morning lots of families go to church. They come back home and have a special Christmas dinner: roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.
These are crackers. You pull at each end…and inside there is a little present, a paper hat and a joke. Listen to this: “Where you can always find a cow? In a Moo-seum. Moo-seum. Understand? Oh, sorry.”
They finish with a traditional Christmas pudding. Sometimes people put a silver coin in it. You don’t eat it. It brings you good luck.

After Christmas there is the last festival of the old year or the first one of the New Year – New year’s Eve. In Scotland they call it Hogmanay. All round the country people have parties. And at midnight everyone sings a traditional song “Auld Lang Syne”. In Trafalgar Square in London
there’s always a really big party.

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