ESL Video Quiz: The Loch Ness Monster

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(ESL Category: listening) Researches tell the story of the Loch Ness Monster
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Has the mysterious Loch Ness Monster been found?
Or is this report just another
strange story from Scotland?
Lets look at:
When : April 2012
Where: Loch Ness..
A deep fresh water "lake"
in the highlands of Scotland near
near the City of Inverness.
Who: Marcus Atkinson 43,
from Fort Augustus in the Scottish Highlands.
He is a tour boat operator on the Loch.
The LNM.
That mysterious, hard to find "thing" living in the Loch..
living in the Loch..
also known as, Nessy.
She/he/it first was seen around 1930..
in this famous picture..
The Loch ness monster has been in news papers
almost every year since then.
Scientists, "Nessy" researchers, monster hunters..
and tourists to the area have looked for it..
but no one has found it. Yet..
Marcus Atkinson, a tour boat captain..
dropped off some tourists at Urquart Castle.
Then he started to move back into deeper water.
Suddenly, he saw THIS on the sonar's display.
Mr Atkinson was very surprised.
He's shown the image to other tour boat captains,
And to Steve Feltham, a Nessy researcher.
He said: "Something that big, couldn't be a seal.
And, it's very deep, about 75 feet down..
So, it couldn't be a school of fish."
But other people aren't so sure it's Nessy..
Dr Simon Boxall thinks its just some seaweed.
Why? : Hmmmm... Johny don't know..
Ask Nessy if you want an answer.
SO what do you think?
Until next time...

Listen carefully and do the quiz. Then,check the answers to see how well you did.

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