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Quiz by: Sharon Yoneda
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(ESL Category: listening) Calgarian Jocelyn Alice hits the jackpot with her summer hit Jackpot


I’ve waited so long to know
If your hand will take me home
Your next move is always slow
Now I can’t wait anymore

Don’t wanna go, don’t wanna stay, don’t wanna make a change
Don’t wanna show, don’t wanna cheat, don’t wanna hesitate
Don’t wanna hold, don’t wanna bust, don’t wanna raise
Don’t wanna fold, don’t wanna bluff I kinda like this game

All that I think about day and night
Is having you in my dream life
I'm a-hit the jackpot right

You’re faking like you’re on top
Why can’t we just split the pot?
We’re suited and the dealers not
This showdown it’ll never stop


We be winning like the pot got hot
We be winning like the cash gon’ rain
We be winning we gon’ do it again

songwriter: Jocelyn Alice

performed by: Jocelyn Alice

date released: 2015 by Jocelyn Alice

Jocelyn Alice is a Canadian singer and songwriter with a fiercely powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and magnetic style influenced by her favourites such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Lorde. Jocelyn is currently on a cross-Canada pop radio promotional tour in support of her 2015 hit single ‘Jackpot’, which continues to reach new peaks on Canadian commercial radio.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jocelyn was inspired by her father to pursue music from the time she was twelve. Her career began with local singing competitions, and by the time she was 17 she entered the media spotlight as a runner-up in Canada’s reality TV series Popstars, where she emerged from more than 7000 entries nation-wide. Shortly following, Jocelyn felt she needed a break. After a two-year hiatus from both singing and songwriting to re-evaluate her inspiration, Jocelyn could no longer deny her destiny. She had been working at a bar and when fellow employees slowly started hearing her voice, they pushed her to start singing again. And with a peppermill for a mic, she gave in. From there, Jocelyn went on to write, perform, and record many of her original songs with her 3-piece band, none of which were officially released.

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