ESL Video Quiz: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Quiz by: emineuslu
Quiz #: 26329
(ESL Category: listening) Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Simple Present Tense 6034

1-) When they come out of the egg ,how is it
a- pupa
b- larvae
2-) What is the first food of the caterpillar?
a- the egg shell from which it is born
b- the leaves
3-) Why does the caterpillar shed its skin?
a- because it is hungry
b- so that it can grow
4-) When does the caterpillar stop eating?
a- when it is full up
b- when it is big enough
5-) What is the name of the stage which the
caterpillar forms a protective layer aroung
a- chrysalis
b- pupa
6-) How long does the butterfly come out of the
a- approximately after a month
b- approximately after 15 days
7-) Why cannot the butterfly fly when it
emerges out of the chrysalis?
a- because it has not wings yet
b- because its wings are wet and small
8-) How does the butterfly make its wings
strong and to expand?
a- by pumping fluids into its wings
b- by eating its chrysalis

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