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This is not a circus act. Unlike the vast majority of people who work with captive lions, Levin Richardson doesn't carry a stick or a stun gun and he doesn't control his animals through fear. In this relationship the lions are his equals and they rarely take orders.
"You're a naughty lion", "a naughty lion", "a naughty cat"
That means he can break every one of the established rules for interacting with these big cats. He looks them in the eye, gets down to their level, lies down on the ground with them. And people who know lions say you should never ever turn your back on one. But seen from the drone that same incident reveals Kevin's secret, the lioness goes on to do exactly the same thing to the male lion. Richardson is just one of the pride.
"They do seem to be attached in a way because when you go away they do miss you and they do lovingly greet you when you come back. They are the only social cats as we know, truly social cats. So that's quite important to their life."

"What do you think is the biggest misconception about lions is?"
"Biggest misconception is mindless man eating killer. In fact they are really just big, scared animals that are designed to kill because that how they evolved. But the truth be known they rather run away then confront."

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