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Many years ago in Denmark there was a prince
called Hamlet.
One day Hamlet’s father, the king, dies
suddenly and Hamlet is very sad.
After this Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, gets
married again very quickly. She marries her
husband’s brother,
Claudius, and Claudius is now the king!
“Aargh! How could you do this to me!”
One night Hamlet’s friend, Horatio, tells him
that there is a ghost in the castle. It is the
ghost of Hamlet’s father!
“Claudius killed me with poison! Hamlet, you
must punish Claudius for me!”
Hamlet is confused. He doesn’t know if he
believes the ghost and he doesn’t know what to
Hamlet now acts very strangely. He is mean and
angry, and he upsets his girlfriend, Ophelia.
“Go away! Leave me alone!”
“Oh, he is so mean!”
One day a group of actors come to the castle
and Hamlet makes a plan. He asks the actors to
change their play. The new play will show a
king poisoned like Hamlet’s father.
“With this play I will catch the king.”
When Claudius watches the play he looks very
worried and runs away. Hamlet sees him and he
knows the truth.
Claudius is very worried about Hamlet now and
makes a plan with Ophelia’s brother, Laertes.
“You will fight him and we will put poison on
the sword and in his drink too.”
Laertes and Hamlet fight. Laertes cuts Hamlet,
but in the fight Hamlet takes Laertes’ sword
and cuts him with it too!
“Here, Hamlet, drink this.”
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“No, thank you, Mother. I’m not thirsty.”
“No, don’t!”
“It was him! He poisoned us all!”
Finally, Hamlet knows he must stop Claudius.
“Aargh! Have this and this!”
All the royal family are now poisoned and
Hamlet tells his friend that there must be a
new king.
“Goodbye, my prince.”

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