ESL Video Quiz: For sale: one English village.

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(ESL Category: listening) An entire village in southern England is up for grabs.
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For sale: one English village

It’s the archetypal English village, and it could be all yours for just £22.5 million, that’s just over $31 million.
The charitable trust which owns the whole of Linkenholt in the southern county of Hampshire wants to sell up and use its money elsewhere.
The agent acting for the trust says he’s expecting a lot of interest.
“Agricultural and residential estates have always been regarded as being prime investments for a long term, with a long term view. And so we think actually there will be a lot of potential buyers for this.”
The whole village comes with 22 homes, a manor house, clock tower, shop and cricket club. The only thing that is not up for grabs is the 12th century church.
Villagers are waiting to see who will snap up the hamlet.
“I would like it kept more or less as it is today. And perhaps if anyone buys it, the boss would live in the village.”
“I think the general feeling is that we’d like somebody to buy it that’s gonna run it as one unit, the same as they have done for the last 80 years.”
The village was left to its present trust owners by a philanthropic figure in racing who gave orders that it should benefit sick children, the elderly and injured jockeys.
It’s not the first time the estate has changed hands. Back in 1964 it was sold for £540,000.

archetypal – the original model/prototype

charitable - of, for, or concerned with charity

to own – to possess

residential estate - a landed property, usually of considerable size

to regard - to look upon or consider in a particular way

prime investment – superior quality investment

a manor house - the main house on an estate

to be up for grabs - available to anyone

to snap up - snatch for one's own use

a hamlet - a small village

philanthropic - of, relating to, or marked by philanthropy; humanitarian

to benefit - to derive benefit

a jockey - one who rides horses in races, especially as a profession

to change hands - pass from one owner to another

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