Interview with Will Smith

Quiz by: agmz30
Description: Will Smith talks about his latest movie,Men in Black 3
High Intermediate
Will Smith (WS) : " I was very concerned about my
ears in 3D . That could have been a problem but it
turned out to be OK . "
Interviewer (I) : "Aliens in 3D . I mean , that's
kind of scary ."
WS : " You know , I think Barry Barry Sonnenfeld
, the director, did a brilliant job of the use of
3D . He didn't do all of the haaaaa things coming
at you . He set things from the screen and he
worked the 3D in depth and he worked it in height
.This is really one of the best 3D movies you're
ever going to see .
I : "Talking about height , there is a moment
which , if you suffer from vertigo ...
WS : (laughs) Yeah , that is a fantastic use of
the 3D . The time jump is the signature sequence
of the film.."
I : "And you do a massive fall and it's... "
WS : Yeah , it's very very cool ."
I : "Do you think that there are aliens ? I mean ,
really ?"
WS : "What I know for sure is I don't know . Any
assertion is just as absurd as the other .
I : "So it would be ridiculous to say that there
afren't ."
WS: " Right . It would be just as ridiculous to
say that there aren't as it would be to say that
there are . "
I : " So you have an open mind."
WS : "Yes , I have a very open mind .
I : " Yes , especially since you have worked with
so many of them. "
WS : " Yes ,you know , I mean- I've worked with
people that are very questionable . "
I : "Who do you think in public life is most
likely to be an alien in disguise ?"
WS : "I wouldn't be surprized at all if Lady Gaga
were an alien . You know if she were from another
planet,I would not be surprized."
I : " Tell me about other films you that might be
doing . There is a rumour circulating that there
might one day be a Barak Obama victory movie."
WS: " Well, we talked about it a few months ago .
Again it's about the ears . That's the thing .
Yeah, people see the ears and Barak and I both
have the ears . So I'm the most natural choice.
But, I told him , joking , I said it 's
definitely something I would definitely consider
, you just have to write the ending . So he's
working on the ending right now "
I : " Do you know what : everyone says do you know
what Will Smith is in such a good mood and he's
always happy . "
WS : "It's a bunch of rubbish , Susanna . "
I : " You're a happy-go-lucky kind of guy ."
WS: "I have so much fun. "
I : "Yeah."
WS : " I have absolutely nothing to complain about
I : " What really really gets you ? What's your
WS : "Let me see . My..."
I : "Bugbear."
WS : "My bugbear ?"
I : "Yeah."
WS : "Wow . I've never..."
I : "Everyone's got a bugbear . It's like what
really annoys you."
WS : "It's like what shapes my hide . Right ."
I : "Something like that ."
I: "People talking really really really loudly on
the train ."
WS : "Well , see , that's usually me .
I : " Was that you on my train ? "
WS : "I'm usually the loud guy on the train . "
I : "I wouldn't mind if it was you talking loudly
WS : " I'm sorry , I'm sorry . I mean , for me I
guess I get bent out of shape most when people
stop before they complete something that they have
said they want to do ."
This is a kind of playful , freewheeling interview
which doesn't really try to be serious about the
subject matter .