What is diabetes ?

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Description: This video explains what diabetes is.
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Why aren't diabetics alone?
Is there a cure ?
Is there a treatment ?
What does the cell need to function ?
What does the body turn food into ?
What is the other name of sugar ?
What does the pancreas make ?
What is the function of insulin?
What is the function of glucose ?
If you have diabetes, what trouble does your body have ?
In case of diabetes, does the pancreas product
Having too much sugar in the blood can :
What are the symptoms of diabetes ?
Which is healthy food ?
What is the function of physical exercises ?
What do you have to control when you do sport ?
* You are not alone !
* Of course they're not alone. We are right here !
* No, I mean they're not alone because they have
diabetes. This affects millions of people every
* Millions ? Is there a cure ?
* Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there is
treatment and after we'll tell you what's happening in
your body we'll show you how to take care of
* Look out diabetes, here we come.
* The body is made of trillions of cells, that's a
million million that need energy to function.
* Millions of millions ? That's a lot, Mmm... ?
How about seven.
* The food you eat is turned into sugar which is
called glucose, and glucose travels to all of your
cells through the bloodstream.
* Inside your body is an organ called the
pancreas. The pancreas makes something called
insulin which helps all the cells in your body use
the glucose.
* Your cells need a glucose to grow and get the
power they need.
* If you have diabetes your body has trouble
controlling the level of glucose in your blood.
Either your pancreas isn't making enough insulin,
or your cells aren't reacting to the insulin the
way they should. So there is too much glucose
running around in your blood.
* And that's a bad thing.
* Yes, having too much or too little glucose in
your blood can damage your heart, blood vessels,
kidneys, brain and nerves, and cause eyesight that
gets worse and worse over many years.
* And that's not good ?
* How do we know if we have this ?
* Some symptoms are too much thirst or hunger,
peeing too often, weight loss, tiredness, changes
in vision, slow healing cuts, and itching of your
skin that goes on and on.
* That's a lot of stuff.
* That's why it's very important for people with
diabetes to take care of themselves. In some
cases, people with diabetes need to take insulin
* Sometimes you can control this disease with diet
and exercise and taking medication by mouth. Your
doctor can help you with a diet and medication
plan, so that your blood sugar is regulated.
* I know some healthy foods, fruit, vegetables,
wholegrains, fish, nuts, beans.
* And you need some exercise too. Getting good
exercise really helps your body controlling your
glucose levels.
* You can run, swim, skip, hop, bicycle, jump
rope, play games...
* Just keep your body moving !
* Dance !!
* Bye ! Even when you are as active as Daniel, you
still need to take your blood sugar level
regularly. Your doctor will show you how and in no
time you'll be able to do it yourself.
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