This is Britain: Halloween

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Description: Short skit about Halloween day in Britian - with subtitles.
Low Intermediate
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Where is Jack from?
When do people celebrate Halloween?
What is in the pumpkin lantern?
What is Sally making for the party?
What is Jack going to be at the party?
What special Halloween games are they playing?
How many trick or treaters are at the door?
Jack: Hi. I´m Jack and I live in _____________.
This is how we celebrate Halloween at my
Sally, what are you doing?
Sally: This is a __________. I am making a
pumpkin lantern. It´s our Halloween party
this evening.
Mum: It´s the 31st of ______________, Jack. Do
you want to help?
Jack: Yes, please.
Mum: OK. Open the cupboard. Take out a
___________ and some matches. Now put the
candle inside the pumpkin.
Sally: Look at its __________!
Jack: Wow! What a great pumpkin lantern!

Sally: We wear fancy dress costumes for our
Halloween ____________.
Jack: Oh, look! A _________ cloak!
Sally: Put it on!
Jack: I´m a wizard!
Sally: Here´s a ________! Put it on!
Jack: Great! A wizard´s hat! Sally, what are you
Sally: I´m wearing a sheet! I´m a ____________!
Jack: Do you want to wear this mask?
Sally: Yes, please.
Jack: ___________!

Jack: We have lots of __________ for the party.
Sally: We help my mum make the food.
Mum: What are you making for the party, Sally?
Sally: I´m making __________________. Scary
Jack: I´m making scary ___________, mum!
Mum: Ooh, very scary! Can I put them in the
Jack: Yes, please.
Mum: What are you going to be at the party?
Sally: I´m going to be a ghost.
Jack: And I´m going to be a ______________.
Mum: It´s ________ o´clock! Put your costumes

Sally: Our friends come to our ____________ for
the party. Everyone looks scary!
All: Happy Halloween!
Sally: Happy Halloween! Who are you?
A: I am a vampire.
B: I am a black __________.
Mum: Time to eat, everyone!
All: Hurray!
A: Mmm, I like the __________! It´s yummy!
Sally: Do you want a sandwich?
B: No, thanks.
Mum: Who wants more orange ____________?
All: Yes, please.

Jack: We play special Halloween _____________.
Apple bobbing is fun!
Sally: Go on, Jack!
Mum: You can do it!
All: Hurray! Well done!
Mum: Now let´s play __________ on strings!
All: Yeah!
Mum: Four people can start! How about you,
Sally: Yes, please.
Mum: Ready, steady, ________!
Sally: I can´t do it!
Jack: Come on, Sally! The trick or treaters!
Trick or treaters come to our house on
All: Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Jack: Treat, treat! Mum!
Mum: Here you are! Have a ___________!
All: Thank you! __________ Halloween!
Jack: Halloween is scary and ________ at our
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