This is Britain: Halloween

Quiz by: barqua
Description: Short skit about Halloween day in Britian - with subtitles.
Low Intermediate
Jack: Hi. I´m Jack and I live in _____________.
This is how we celebrate Halloween at my
Sally, what are you doing?
Sally: This is a __________. I am making a
pumpkin lantern. It´s our Halloween party
this evening.
Mum: It´s the 31st of ______________, Jack. Do
you want to help?
Jack: Yes, please.
Mum: OK. Open the cupboard. Take out a
___________ and some matches. Now put the
candle inside the pumpkin.
Sally: Look at its __________!
Jack: Wow! What a great pumpkin lantern!

Sally: We wear fancy dress costumes for our
Halloween ____________.
Jack: Oh, look! A _________ cloak!
Sally: Put it on!
Jack: I´m a wizard!
Sally: Here´s a ________! Put it on!
Jack: Great! A wizard´s hat! Sally, what are you
Sally: I´m wearing a sheet! I´m a ____________!
Jack: Do you want to wear this mask?
Sally: Yes, please.
Jack: ___________!

Jack: We have lots of __________ for the party.
Sally: We help my mum make the food.
Mum: What are you making for the party, Sally?
Sally: I´m making __________________. Scary
Jack: I´m making scary ___________, mum!
Mum: Ooh, very scary! Can I put them in the
Jack: Yes, please.
Mum: What are you going to be at the party?
Sally: I´m going to be a ghost.
Jack: And I´m going to be a ______________.
Mum: It´s ________ o´clock! Put your costumes

Sally: Our friends come to our ____________ for
the party. Everyone looks scary!
All: Happy Halloween!
Sally: Happy Halloween! Who are you?
A: I am a vampire.
B: I am a black __________.
Mum: Time to eat, everyone!
All: Hurray!
A: Mmm, I like the __________! It´s yummy!
Sally: Do you want a sandwich?
B: No, thanks.
Mum: Who wants more orange ____________?
All: Yes, please.

Jack: We play special Halloween _____________.
Apple bobbing is fun!
Sally: Go on, Jack!
Mum: You can do it!
All: Hurray! Well done!
Mum: Now let´s play __________ on strings!
All: Yeah!
Mum: Four people can start! How about you,
Sally: Yes, please.
Mum: Ready, steady, ________!
Sally: I can´t do it!
Jack: Come on, Sally! The trick or treaters!
Trick or treaters come to our house on
All: Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Jack: Treat, treat! Mum!
Mum: Here you are! Have a ___________!
All: Thank you! __________ Halloween!
Jack: Halloween is scary and ________ at our
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